Dongguan Qishi Saidebao Leather Goods Produce Factory

According to your budget, genuine leather, crafted leather, faux leather can be customized for you. The above products are examples we have produced. As a professional leather goods manufacturer, we have the ability to undertake your new projects. No matter which products we are looking at, or want to re-customize the products you want, please contact our customer service, phone number:

You may care who we are? How about production capacity? How is the quality of the product, etc...

Please rest assured: we have been building a company since 2005, and more than 500 customers have chosen us. From the procurement of leather raw materials, proofing, to cutting and sewing, we are all finished in our factory. Our equipment is complete and our staff love this job. We are very proud that our advanced production capacity has reached 1000PCS/Month. Considering your concerns, we welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory. If necessary, we can visit the factory for your remote video.

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