• Zhejiang Jinggong Sceience & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Zhejiang Jinggong Sceience & Technology Co., Ltd.
Our Company
    1. Leather Expert
    2. We have been dedicated to the manufacturing of quality leather goods since 2005. We have fulfilled orders for more than 500 clients to date.
    1. Without Compromise
    2. We perform pattern making, cutting, and sewing processes for all our leather goods. We also offer additional metallic parts and paper assembly. We never compromise on quality.
    1. Ready to Customize
    2. Our experienced designers can customize leather products to meet your personalized needs. Over 90% of our orders are customized according to client specifications.
    1. Ensuring Quality
    2. Whether your order size ranges from a couple dozen items to thousands and even bulk OEM orders, we will carry out thorough inspection to ensure your order has a 100% product passing rate.
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